The Pizza Code MysteryEdit


The Pizza is a LIE!

It has come to my attention that strange messages have been appearing throughout Black Mesa, and have been causing somewhat of a conunDrum concerning what has become known as "The Pizza Code Mystery".

I have long suspected that there was something stRange going on during the development of this facility. The unexplained disappearances, misappropriation of funds regarding cheesy oven-baked bread products and an ominous feeling that something is constantly watching this all from the shadows, Have added up to create something that needs solving, and sOlving fast.

As a result, I am offering a small reward to the first peRson that can solve this mystery and provide me with the answers I need. Together, I'm sure you caN crack this.


This wiki details our efforts since 2012 to solve The Pizza Code Mystery: an ARG found in Black Mesa, a re-envisioning of Valve Software's seminal classic Half-Life. As of September 2016 the Pizza Code Mystery remains unsolved.

It is possible that some information here may be incomplete or out of date. For the latest activity and theories check the forum thread.

Current Unsolved PuzzlesEdit

The great mysteries.

  • 752 Hex Code - 752 hex characters (376 bytes), unknown cipher
  • The Story - Some parts of the picture are known, but the entirety isn't.
    • The HALOS Project - An unknown entity worked on by Dr. Horn. Thought to be an AI, but could be something else entirely.

Recent Clues Edit

The following clues are possibly related to the current unsolved puzzle:

Solved Puzzles Edit

In-Game Puzzles Edit

The original puzzles that introduced the ARG.

  • Code A - 1001 - Dr Horn explains that he has hidden 4 codes (A,B,C,D)
  • Code B - 0851 - Composite of several paintings
  • Code C - 3914 - SSTV encoding
  • Code D - 0914 - a SECOM cipher
  • The combination of these solutions revealed Stormseeker's Website

IRC Puzzles Edit

Puzzles that were given to us by Watcher on the now defunct IRC channel



  • Cryptographic Functions - Table displaying common cryptographic functions and their associated key lengths and initialization vector lengths.
  • Timeline and Concept Map - Compiled information to assist with narrowing the focus of the ARG's clues and puzzle solutions.
  • Storyline
  • Stormseeker - The ARG's creator and puppet-master.
  • Extra Game Info - Everything extra that may or may not have any relation to the ARG.
  • Back References - A list of game assets with their coordinates.
  • Pizza Code Mystery Blog - A blog focused on centralizing solution attempts, providing updates and communicating, in addition to the forums.