On the floor and the wall of the lobby of the Advanced Biological Research Lab (Biodome Complex) can be seen a logo featuring the Latin phrase "Superbus via Inscientiae" and a DNA double helix in the middle.

The logo and the phrase have been tied to the ARG due to its occurrences near pizza boxes and/or "The Pizza is a LIE!" graffitis in hidden locations throughout the Black Mesa facility.

Earlier in the ARG, when the Code D puzzle was still unsolved, it was theorized that the "Superbus via Inscientiae" phrase could possibly be the 20 character phrase required for a VIC cipher. But this turned out not to be the case.

The logo with the Latin phrase is originally from Half-Life 1 but has been recreated with a higher graphical fidelity in Black Mesa. The phrase has an approximate translation of "arrogance through ignorance". More information about the origin of the logo and the phrase can be found on the Combine OverWiki.


Below is a table listing the all the locations where the logo is found in both the 2012 Mod Release and the 2015 Steam Early Access Release of Black Mesa.

The locations have been found by searching in all the .vmf source files of the maps for every instance of the decal texture "decals/lab1_flr8d" as well as the model versions of the logo: "models/props_questionableethics/qe_logo_sign.mdl" and "models/props_questionableethics/qe_logo_sign_200.mdl". For the mod release of Black Mesa, the maps were decompiled in order to get the .vmf's. For the Steam release, the original .vmf's for the single player campaign included with the game were used, and just the multiplayer maps were decompiled.

The logo can also be seen on several plasma TVs around in the Biodome Complex. The model file for these are "models/props_questionableethics/qe_tv_plasma.mdl" with the skin texture file containing the logo in "qe_tv_plasma_screen2.vtf". However, these only appear in the Questionable Ethics chapter and are therefore not considered out of the ordinary, and thus not included in the table below.

Chapter Map Asset Coordinates Notes
background07 lab1_flr8d 568 952 -192 [1]
background11 qe_logo_sign_200.mdl 2960 -1184 61
background11 qe_logo_sign_200.mdl 1856 -1184 61
background11 lab1_flr8d 2408 -1512 -272
Black Mesa Inbound bm_c0a0a lab1_flr8d 3020 3532 -298
bm_c0a0b lab1_flr8d -704 2728 -1824
Anomalous Materials bm_c1a0a lab1_flr8d 1624 3712 416
Unforeseen Consequences bm_c1a1b lab1_flr8d -1120 -1024 384
bm_c1a1b lab1_flr8d -1536 440 480
bm_c1a1d lab1_flr8d -5088 -4912 -3713.8799
-5088 -4912 -3713.88
Office Complex bm_c1a2b lab1_flr8d -1991 -862.715 321.965
We've Got Hostiles bm_c1a3a lab1_flr8d -1824.02 928.28 -128
bm_c1a3b lab1_flr8d -2838 178 176
bm_c1a3c lab1_flr8d -2368 172 -959
Blast Pit bm_c1a4a lab1_flr8d -1963.6801 -3788 -1240
-1963.68 -3788 -1240
Power Up bm_c2a1a lab1_flr8d 1073.05 1515 35
On a Rail bm_c2a2c lab1_flr8d -2272 -4880 68.1817
Apprehension bm_c2a3b lab1_flr8d 3662.5901 511 83.0824
3662.59 511 83.0824
Residue Processing bm_c2a4b lab1_flr8d -617.767 -2920 -741.628
bm_c2a4c lab1_flr8d -1078 -270 112
Questionable Ethics bm_c2a4e qe_logo_sign.mdl -80 -768 592
bm_c2a4f qe_logo_sign_200.mdl 2960 -1184 61
bm_c2a4f qe_logo_sign_200.mdl 1856 -1184 61
bm_c2a4f qe_logo_sign.mdl 440 -1240 -208
bm_c2a4f lab1_flr8d 2408 -1512 -272
bm_c2a4h qe_logo_sign_200.mdl 2960 -1184 61
bm_c2a4h qe_logo_sign_200.mdl 1856 -1184 61
Surface Tension bm_c2a5a lab1_flr8d -2376 -3136 1854.72
Forget About Freeman bm_c3a1b lab1_flr8d -1760 1312 -1560
bm_c3a1b lab1_flr8d -1984 2172 -258.195
bm_c3a1b lab1_flr8d -967 1338.51 -1395.75
-976 1339.82 -1392.44
Lambda Core bm_c3a2a lab1_flr8d 3097 -1323 -2496
bm_c3a2c lab1_flr8d -87 1262.61 1046.35
bm_c3a2h lab1_flr8d 1808 -284 64
bm_c3a2h lab1_flr8d 1018 -1536 72
  1. New in Steam Release.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Slight round-off difference between Mod Release and Steam Release coordinates. The highlighted coordinates are from the Steam Release.
  3. Coordinates slightly changed between Mod Release and Steam Release. The highlighted coordinates are from the Steam Release.

How to jump to a location in-gameEdit

Main article: How to jump to a location in-game

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