Dr. Welsh is the in-game alias for Johnathan Welsh one of the level designers for BMS.

Hidden MessageEdit

Johnathan Welsh's main website has a picture of a pizza box located on the resume page.

The file name of the pizza box picture has a binary code attached to it.


This is binary ASCII and translates to:


The style sheet used on the page also contains binary code.

011101000110100001100101001000000111000001101001011110100111101001100001001000000110100101110011001000000110000100100000011011000110100101100101: 011001000110101001110111;

This translates to:

the pizza is a lie: djw;

In the HTML code of the résumé page, the <img> tag for the pizza box picture has an alt attribute that contains base64 code.


The message decodes to:

10/09/200x - Diary Log of Dr J Welsh


So many lists, always with the lists. Dr Welsh do this, have it on my desk by 3, Dr Foreman here is todays list of tasks, please have it on my desk by noon. Well, I got a call from Dr Stone over in Sector C, and he thinks Dr Horn has been misappropriating funds from the lab budget to buy pizzas with, and fund some secret project we dont have the access levels to get at. Only Dr Horn and Dr Bottomley seem to have access to those rooms, hmm perhaps Dr Junek too...

All I know is, we had a complaint from the main administrator Dr Montero that Lab D funding had a grossly disproportionate impact on the lab funding, especially considering work currently under way on the biodome in the sub levels of the facility.

We have a plan though to get back at Dr Horn, we're going to steal all his misgotten goods, and hide them throughout the whole facility, he'll spend months looking for them.

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