Composite image of the three paintings



  • Three paintings when overlayed on top of each other, forms a composite image with the code 0851
  • The paintings are found in the canteen area of the chapter Questionable Ethics, between code A and C geographically.
  • 3 separate .vtf skins for a model file qe_canvaspainting (located in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\BMS\models\props_questionableethics - .vtf files in /materials subfolder)
  • A monitor elsewhere in the chapter reads 'Dr Horn - your pizza is ready for collection from the staff canteen' leading us to this area.
  • Two dead scientists are in the room lying next to a pizza box
Qe canvaspainting 1


Qe canvaspainting 2


Qe canvaspainting 3


Bm c2a4e0002

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