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Dev AliasesEdit

Most (all?) of the devs have in-game characters named after them with some of them being highly referenced throughout the ARG which leads us to believe they're the people who created this for us.

  • Dr A. Allen - Alex "Digeridude" Prop modeller
  • Dr N. Ayers - Nathan "NateDGreat" Lead Animator
  • Dr P. Bottomley - Paul "Gruntfuttock" IRL friend of Stormseeker
  • Dr K. Dahlgren - Kim, Level Designer
  • Dr B. Dale - Brian "bkdale86" Texture Artist
  • Dr M. Foreman - Mark "Jenn0_bing" Texture Artist
  • Dr L. Hillard - Lurana "Mike Hillard's Mom" Voice Actor
  • Dr C. Horn - Chris "Stormseeker" Lead Level Designer
  • Dr D. Junek - Daniel "Raminator" Lead Level Designer, no longer part of the team
  • Dr R. Maclean - Ryan "Bacon333" Level Designer, no longer part of the team
  • Dr J. Nielsen - Joel ".plink" Sound / Music Lead
  • Dr P. Ryman - Pontus "Spitfire" Texture Artist
  • Dr A. Stone - Anthony "OnboardError" Level Designer
  • Dr M. Tannock - Michael, Prop modeller
  • Dr L. Tart - Liam "PogoP" Level Designer, no longer part of the team
  • Dr V. Teunnison - Victoria "CatzEyes93" Voice Actor
  • Dr I. Vavilov - Ivan "InFanT" Character Artist, no longer part of the team
  • Dr J. Wells - Jason "Redmotion" Texture Artist
  • Dr J. Welsh - Johnathan "Cpl.1nsane" Level Designer
  • Security guard Sisk - Kevin "Debeerguy007" Sisk, Choreographer / Voice Actor
  • Dr D. Sezen - Deniz "your-name-here" Lead Programmer / Release Engineer

Names from locker room (in-game job title unknown)

  • Boetsma - Andrew "autokey" Animator
  • Chinner - Robert "Sanada" Prop modeller
  • Claesson - Bjorn "Kobi" Prop Modeller
  • Fleisted - Bard "grudgE" Texture Artist
  • Gillen - David "Angry Beaver" Level Designer
  • Jarreau - Jean-Paul "JeanPaul" Level Designer
  • Montero - Carlos "cman2k" Project Leader
  • Peloski - Paul "zero" Programmer
  • Robertson - Abe "Eba" Level Designer, no longer part of the team
  • Rose - Spencer "RabidMonkey" Level Designer
  • Tripolt - Johannes "outlive" Texture Artist
  • Truman - Ben "DR!P" Lead Choreographer
  • Wilson - Chuck "Atrocity" Level Designer
  • Yang - Robert "Campaignjunkie" Level Designer, no longer part of the team

Original HL1 CastEdit

  • Dr F Peters - Scientist who dies whilst trying to deactivate the surgical machine

New characters, no known referencesEdit

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