"21 goes into 1" is a hint given to us by stormseeker. It was first posted on the wiki page on the 26th of August, 2014, accompanied by another hint "This unlocks at the start of the end". It was given to us by the same wiki contributor who gave us the hint about the philosopher's stone being a red herring. Later, on the 2nd of January, 2015, IRC chat users Krydar, Apdap, and TornadoAP, as well as forum user Manhacks discovered the hint inside the java scripts index of the stormseeker website attached to any of the scripts in that index. The message along with the hint is as follows:

 *Oh hai there, someones bein a nosy bounder aren't they...
 *Looking for ARG related stuffs?
 *I have a hint for you
 *21 goes into 1
 *Don't trust anyone, it's not safe.


  • 21 goes into 1 is meant to be a hint to decipher the 752 Hex Code in some way.
    • It is somehow tied to the encryption.
    • Forum user thewizard99 showed how both 1 and 21 were numbers in The Fibonacci sequence.
    • 21 and 1 are both Triangular numbers.
    • 21 is 3*7, i.e. two multiplied prime numbers. This is quite often used in asymmetric crypto, like the Benaloh and Paillier ciphers.
  • 21 into 1 is a date, specifically the 21st of January. Suggested by forum user TornadoAP
    • Debunked: Date has passed.
  • 21 goes into 1 is related to the 21 amino acids that are the building blocks of all human proteins?
  • EP-0021 goes into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer.
  • The subject-verb agreement in "21 goes into 1" dictates that "21" be a singular object.